My Own Turtle Rescue Experience

...I was just a little girl when I was at the beach in St.Croix, West Indies, when a dog was digging a hole near to where I was beachcombing. In a flash I saw him retrieved in his mouth a turtle hatchling. Although, I was very young and did not know the dog's owner I ran up and hit him on the head and jaw. Amazingly, he dropped the hatchling. Because it was disturbed from the nest ,we could not risk putting it back in the nest, as not to contaminate it. I released the hatching in the shallow lagoon.

...My family and I swam with the turtle for hours as he learned to dive deeper and deeper, then coming up for air. Finally, he swan out into deeper water with our hopes and prayers for his survival.

...From that moment I was inspired to rescue and promote public awareness to help sea turles survive.

A experience to remember.

...I. (Jessica Updyke) fell in love with this leatherback sea turtle hatchling.

Adopt Your Own Sea Turtle!


. . I have adopted a endangered green sea turtle (Chelona mydas) that was tagged at Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica. This turtle adoption program will help ensure a future for our friends of the sea.


Certificate of Adoption

... Shown is the certificate of adoption that I received for adopting a green sea turtle named Jessea, after me.

If you would like to adopt a sea turtle, through the SEA TURTLE SURVIVAL LEAGUE
use this link to go to their website.

It Is Illegal To Kill Sea Turtles!!


...All sea turtles occurring in U.S. waters are federally listed as endangered, except for the loggerhead which is listed as threatened.

...Human impact on sea turtles really threatens their survival. Examples include: Habitat loss caused by beach front development: artificial lighting that disorient hatchlings and deter

Antique post card of huge leatherback sea turtle.

... Shown is a huge leather back sea turtle in captivity, it weighed 1250 lbs. It was 7' 3". The width of the turtle was 4' 5"!
nesting; commercial fishing activity that drown thousands of juvenile and adult turtles and pollution that cause sickness and degrades ocean habitats.

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The world wide web is loaded with information about sea turtles,
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