Help save the turtles from extinction!




We can help make sure sea turtles are  here for years to come.




You are welcome to enjoy the nesting beaches if you take care of them.

Turtle Nesting Beach

The following ten guidelines have been provided to make travelers to the Caribbean,
turtle smart when visiting beaches used by turtles for nesting

1. Don't leave trash behind! Plastic bags are often mistaken for jelly fish and eaten by turtles and can kill them. Turtles often get tangled in discarded fishing line and drown!

2. Don't allow dogs on the beach. They sniff out the nest dig, them up, destroy the eggs and kill hatchlings.

3. Campfires can literally "bake" the nests below, and discourage a mother from coming ashore.

4. Don't stake beach umbrellas. All to often, the pole is driven right through the nest below. Armchair umbrellas are recommended.

5. Always turn off floodlights and porch lights on all beachfront property.

6. Don't walk on the beach with a flashlight or shine one in its face. Flash photography frightens females and cause them to stop nesting.

7. If you come upon a female, leave her alone! Don't touch her! Stay out of view.

8.Don't touch the eggs. You can damage or contaminate them.

9. Never destroy turtle tracks!! They help researches locate and identify the nests that turtles leave behind.

10. Don't drive out on the beach. You can destroy entire turtle nests!!



Me, nine years old, and saving turtles.
My sea turtle rescue!